Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Big Giveaway!

Oh, and just another quick post (two in one day right? amazing!) In my fervent searching for more, more, more Daily Five resources, I came across this awesome group of ladies who are doing a Huge Giveaway. Head on over to their blogs to check it out! Visit the Giveaway

Dual Daily Five - I PICK en Español

I love the Daily Five! Seriously, I thought it was some sort of weird education-bandwagon everyone was jumping on originally, but I'm finishing up Gail & Joan's book and everything makes sooooo much sense. Now a fourth year teacher, I have enough time under my belt to see what things I've been doing that work and what don't. Reading "The Daily Five," I totally relate to The Sisters and the struggles they've had in their classrooms. I cannot wait to get the Daily Five going in my room this fall! (Ok, let's be honest, I can wait - don't rush summer!)

As I'm sure you're all aware, Daily Five is a huge hit, and there are tons of amazing resources out there already. I don't know where the hours last night went as I was busy on Teaching Blog Addict's Daily Five and CAFE pages looking through all the resources. I'm nowhere near done exploring! As always is the case with me, my only difficulty with the Daily Five is the lack of a Spanish component. The Sisters' system utilizes so many acronyms and exclusively English terminology, that I know I'm going to have to do some tweaking to make it work. I figured I'd start at the beginning and tackle the I PICK method and song. So here's what I have created so far for Spanish I PICK. Enjoy! And please give me any feedback you have :) Thanks lovelies!

Spanish I PICK Lesson Plan
This is the lesson plan I used this past year when I tried out the I PICK method of choosing a good book with my students. This may get an overhaul this fall when I implement the whole Daily Five, but this past year I taught it in two days. You can take as much or as little time as you'd like to do each section. To download it from my TPT store, just click the link below the photo.

Choosing the Right Book Poster
I also created this poster (based off an English version...can't remember where it was from) to hang in my reading center. This way the students can remember the steps to the Five Finger Rule as they search for new books. It also matches my classroom owl theme!

I PICK Pocket Chart Cards
Next I made pocket chart cards with my Spanish I PICK translation. I put each card and letter up one at a time as I taught the component of I PICK. Then, after we had learned about I PICK, I hung the pocket chart on a bulletin board in our reading center where students could refer back to it. 

I PICK Review Worksheet
Finally, I made up a review worksheet that addressed all the components of my lesson. I will admit that parts of this worksheet were hard for my littler guys to do independently, but I think I'll use it again this year as a small group review packet. I hope you enjoy it along with the rest of my Spanish Daily Five resources. I promise there will be more to come!