Tuesday, May 1, 2012

The Tastiest Turkeys There Are

Bah! I haven't been on to blog in MONTHS! I am ashamed :( It is crazy how life can get pretty busy, huh? My dad got remarried, I bought my first house, and the normal craziness of a multiage class has kept me pretty booked solid. Anyway, excuses, excuses, I'm here now to blog about Thanksgiving (wow...in May...that's sad).
My hands-down-favorite Thanksgiving activities to do with my classes are included in this post, as well as the next. Go ahead, get some ideas for next year, and forgive me for my absence :) I plan to be back a whole lot more (if not right away, at least in exactly 22 days when summer vacation starts!)

Rice Krispie Treat Turkeys
Ok, so these are just too cute, it almost hurts. I remember making these all the time with my parents when we were little, so I couldn't wait to bring them into my class. Here's what you need:

-Oreo cookies (one per student)
-Candy corn (about 5 per student)
-Chocolate frosting (I pick chocolate just cause it's my favorite, but you could pick whatever flavor)
-Rice Krispie Treats (you could make your own, but I find it easiest just to break the prepackaged ones in half)

Step One:
Begin by balling up one half of a Rice Krispie treat. I usually wear cafeteria gloves (cause it gets really sticky) and ball them up myself before I give them to the students. This year, however, I had the kids do it themselves and they loved it! I figured, they're going to get messy anyway, so why not let them smush, crunch and squish Rice Krispies themselves?

Step Two:
Split apart an Oreo cookie and attach it (with frosting - the best kind of glue) to the bottom and the back of the Rice Krispie Treat body. 

Step Three:
Using more frosting, add candy corn feathers to the top of the back Oreo cookie and one in the front of the Rice Krispie Treat body to be the beak.

Step Four:
Eat them! This is the messiest, but tastiest and most fun part of the whole process. Enjoy!

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